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About us

Our values

To us, it’s all about empowerment, community and reading joy. We work day and night to build the world’s best reading friend and improve everybody’s reading experience. We collaborate with users and trusted partners. We take pride in our product and in pushing boundaries for the best possible reading experience.

Vision and goals

We want to make the best reading experience for our users through design, usability and AI technology. We believe in people and in every human being’s potential and right to become the smartest and brightest version of themselves.

Data ethics

Hero lives up to the rules of data protection. We hold ourselves up to high ethical standards and cooperate closely with trusted partners to assess and improve our data governance. Whenever we’re forced to send data to our own service providers (e.g. when we send a text to our cloud servers for simplification), we make sure to separate any personally identifiable information from the data content, so even a leak of simplification data will never be traceable to our users.

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